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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Latest news from the Brough South Liaison Meeting last night

 Cllr. Gill, myself and a few other BRR members virtually attended the meeting last night.

Cllr Terry Gill's report is below: 

Just a very brief update from Tuesday nights Brough South Liaison Meeting.
Many items were addressed, and questions asked. I will update again once the minutes of the meeting are available but for now here is a report on some of the headline issues, including the ongoing mud on the road issues.
Developers and contractors are aware of their obligations and more stringent measures have been imposed. Non more to that for tipper drivers who have been caught retracting their cover sheets prior to arriving at the site.
An improved cleaning regime is underway. Landfill of the Aldi site is now finished so hopefully will cut dirt down considerably. Landfill of chalk is still ongoing on the South of the Site.
Works to step up on the building up of the Brough Relief Road (Moor Rd to Skillings La). Tippers will mainly use Skillings Lane for construction of the West end of this, although Moor Rd will also be used. Once again keeping roads clean is a priority.
Works on the roundabout at the A63 Brough junction are hopefully starting mid next year. Many have seen earthworks going on the corner of the Welton Cricket Club ground, where part of the new roundabout will be. This however is an archaeological dig, which is part of the requirements prior to the main works starting.
Surprisingly the ‘Real’ Brough Relief Road Melton Link was spoke about. A Council Infrastructure Engineer attended and told us that they originally did not see the road as a requirement but have since conclude that a Melton Link may be a necessity at some point in the distant future. And if it happens to come to fruition the construction of the ‘Short’ Brough Relief Road will be made adaptable to take an additional junction.
However, the cost of a road link from Moor Road to Melton could be in the region of £15million. Funding of this kind usually comes from development agreements. Although part funding can come form other sources. The downside is that a road could be achieved but at the expense of even more houses and industrial units from here to Melton.
The ideal scenario would be to get a road without these conditions and it just be based on logic and practical needs, as there are many.
With all the existing employment and new jobs being created on Melton Park we could easily see up to 5000 people working on the site. And as current trends show shorter Home to Work journeys are the thing. This means Brough could well be a desirable residence for Melton workers.
In addition, a new Melton Parkway Rail Station is being looked into. If this comes off, then here is another reason why some kind of alternative access from Brough should be considered.
Surely, we cannot have cars coming out onto the A63 just to go a mile down the road to the Melton Interchange for the above mentioned reasons.
Currently there are no actual plans for the link a road. There is not even one for cycleway so I am calling on the Council to form a feasibility Committee of Planners, Engineers and alike to seriously look at a more ‘joined up’ approach to how best our area can be served in the future.
If you have any questions or thoughts either way, please email me:

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