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Friday, December 11, 2020

Brough South Liaison Meeting Monday 14th December 7pm via Zoom


Dear all,

In case not all are aware there is another meeting of the Brough South Liaison Committee this Monday the 14th Dec at 7pm.
The meetings, that are every 6 months or so, are held to bring together the representatives from the Developers, i.e. Horncastles, the East Riding Council Planning Department and sometimes representatives from another stakeholder, e.g. Barratts, to communicate and hear updates on the overall progress of the developments and the ‘Short Brough Relief Road’, as well as the roundabout that’s going to be installed at the Brough A63 junction.
Residents have the opportunity to give feed back on any logistical concerns on the current works taking place, for example mud on and debris on the road,, noise disturbance, footpath diversions and wildlife, which are some of the concerns that have been addressed previously.
The meetings are normally held at the Petuaria Centre. However because of Covid the meetings are now held on ZOOM. The next one is this Monday 14th December at 7pm.
Members of the public will also be invited to join the meeting and will be allowed to ask questions when invited to do so by the Chair.
If anyone would like to join, then please pre-register via Angela Leeman at Horncastles at and she will email you the link on the day of the meeting.
I will also be at the meeting on behalf of all residents. If you are unable to attend do let me know if you have any questions you would like me to put to the Committee on your behalf.
Kindest Regards,
Cllr. Terry Gill. email:

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