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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Update re: Mud on roads from Councillor Gill 14.11.20

 Moor Road mud and mess update reply to me from East Riding Head of Street Scene.

''Dear Councillor Gill
Thank you for your communications in relation to Moor Road in Brough about the mud. Like you we also received several complaints from the public and the Town Council. We have taken the following action:
ERYC officers visited site 11am 11 Nov 2020 but no further action had been taken by the developer from same officers Monday 9th visit so called Humberside Police. An officer attended and agreed and gave approval for ERYC to do Emergency closure on road - Police log number 182 for 11 Nov 2020.
ERYC processed emergency road closure and team delivered signs and cones to shut southern (development site) arm of roundabout at approx 13:20. CR Reynolds and Stoneledge staff had been advised at approx 11am to stop further truck stone and topsoil deliveries to site until Moor Road cleaned of all mud and made safe for travel by all highway users.
CR Reynolds agreed they would be washing their truck wheels before they exited the site with bowser and high powered hose and Stoneledge vehicles would continue to use the truck wheelwash.
Both were bringing larger grade stone to bring up the level of the site ramps to prevent tyres collecting dirt when exiting site. An extra road sweeper was on site at 13:20 cleaning Moor Road and C R Reynolds had hired a tanker to jet clean the road.
ERYC agreed to check condition of road when contractors advised it was clean to approve lifting of road closure. ''
There is still some fine debris remaining on pavements and the central pedestrian refuges. I have asked for this to be cleaned also.
Cllr. Terry Gill, East Riding.

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