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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Update from Councillor Terry Gill 17.11.20

 There is now an official date for the starting of the construction works on the Brough Relief Road (Moor Road to Skillings Lane) known as Phase 3 next Monday, 23 November 2020.

The works are programmed for 10 months assuming no delays. Realistically the Council expect this to be 11 months for full completion taking us through to October 2021.
The works are being carried out by CR Reynolds, who are also raising the land levels for the Aldi site.
So more truck loads of earth are bound our way. Although trucks for this construction will be via Saltgrounds Rd and Skillings lane. Let's pray they keep the roads clean.
If they were going for the 'Real' Relief Road up to Melton then all the mucky trucks could have come down from there and not through Brough housing estates. Sadly there is still no sign of this being taken on board. Perhaps when all the developments are finished and we become jammed up with even more traffic.

Cllr Terry Gill

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