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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Campaign update and context for new and existing residents by Amanda Goode & Councillor Terry Gill

 Give Us Our Brough Relief Road. Then and Now..


Since the group was established in April 2018 to bring together like minded people to campaign for a ‘Real’ Brough Relief Road link to Melton in the light of all the new developments happening in Brough, we are still attracting quite a number of new members.


With these and all members in mind here is a very brief history, as we understand it, as well as an update.


Going back over 25 years to before the East Riding Council was formed, the then Beverley Borough and Humberside Councils, approved in plan for Brough South for it to become a designated development area.


As part of that plan a road was pencilled in from the BAe factory to a then new Melton Interchange.


At the time there were over 4000 employees at the factory and apart from the road giving access to new development it would massively relieve traffic to and from BAe, of which created long traffic tailbacks at Brough crossroads.


Since the changeover to the new East Riding unity authority in 1996 the Planners and the Conservative lead East Riding Council did not support or carry the prospect of the new link road forward, despite the various opposition and public group campaigns over the years.


About 18 years ago a development plan was presented to build 1350 new houses South of Welton Road, now known as Myrtle and Loxley Ways. Residents and opposition Councillors asked, where is the Link to Melton in the plan. There was even a local campaign to stop these houses altogether unless the Link Road was reinserted.


Alas the pleas were ignored as the planners appeared to just push things through regardless. To campaigners it was felt that the planners lacked forward vision even then.


In 2013, outline planning permission was granted by a developer to build 750 houses plus mixed-use business development south of the railway line. (Brough South). Access to the area was to be via, what is now known as Moor Road bridge over the railway, which is part of the what the Council refer to as Phase 2 of the Brough Relief Road.


As with previous plans there was still no provision for the road to link with Melton and instead the road would just link from Moor Road to Skillings Lane, known as phase 3 of the Relief Road, although we in the group refer this to the ‘Short’ Relief Road.


In the meantime, if the prospect of ever-increasing traffic from the 750 houses and the mixed-use businesses wasn’t enough additional housing developments were approved and built on Welton Low Road, Elloughton and Common Lane, Welton, putting further pressure on the A63 Brough/Welton junction.


The Westward exit slip road to Brough was becoming dangerous with tailbacks on the A63 and accidents were being reported.


It was in April 2019 Kevin and Amanda Goode decided enough was enough and formed the campaign pressure Group ‘Give Us Our Brough Relief Road’. The campaign was not just about rekindling thoughts of a Brough Relief Road to Melton but also about ‘Safer Roads Before More Houses’. 


Kevin being an analyst at the University of Hull got hold of and compared historical traffic data with more recent figures, which showed our area was heading for problems. This report is accessible for your perusal on the FB group under the tabs 'files'.


In July 2019 a petition of more than 3000 signatures was collected by the group which lead to, along with help Independent Councillor Terry Gill, a meeting of quite a number of East Riding Council, and Highways England officers as well as local Councillors and residents around the table to thrash out the issues. The BRR group received positive media coverage increasing the publicity of the campaign on BBC Look North, BBC Radio Humberside, Hull Daily Mail, Goole Times, Petuaria Press, Welton News etc. Traffic incidents details were reported by the public using a data collection system known as 


Whilst the officers listened to everyone’s concerns no firm action was undertaken. However more details of improvements to the A63 Brough junction was spoke about, which included a traffic-controlled roundabout. This though would not be installed until most of 750 houses were occupied, which could have been years away.


However, the works on the roundabout are going to be started sometime next year now due to funding and a loan being sought. It was felt that pressure from the BRR group helped to this bring this forward into fruition.


The BRR group are continuing keeping a close watch on road safety and what is going on with Brough South and the Relief Road, whether it be the short or longer to Melton one.


Currently, the short-term outlook for the Melton Link is fraught once again. Reason being over the past 2 years more industrial development has been passed and built on the Melton Business Park.


You may have heard that there are two Amazon style warehouses and delivery centres to be built. One has multi storey parking for over 600 vans. This along with the existing business sheds and companies like Heron, Transwaste and Humberside Police HQ on this site could create even more traffic problems for Brough if they were routed along a Melton link.


On the other hand, it is possible that 100s of people who work on the Melton Park could be attracted to living close by in the new houses in Brough. If that proves to be the case then some kind of access, be it partial or weight restricted one and/or even a cycleway, must be considered otherwise rush hour traffic could increase at the A63 Brough junction, as locals commute a mile down the road to the Melton Interchange, which would be ridiculous. 


For now, the real effects of the short relief road and A63 roundabout at the junction improvements will be unknown until the road and roundabout are installed.


So, In the meantime, the group will and are keeping a close eye on all developments and road issues so keep the comments and observations coming. Your feedback is very important in helping to lobby the Council and Highways England to improve our area. A thanks to all that have contributed to this group and offered your time in true community spirit. This campaign remains focused on the needs of the community. Finally, those residents who do not use Facebook can remain up to date on the campaign by following our blogspot page 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Update from Councillor Terry Gill 17.11.20

 There is now an official date for the starting of the construction works on the Brough Relief Road (Moor Road to Skillings Lane) known as Phase 3 next Monday, 23 November 2020.

The works are programmed for 10 months assuming no delays. Realistically the Council expect this to be 11 months for full completion taking us through to October 2021.
The works are being carried out by CR Reynolds, who are also raising the land levels for the Aldi site.
So more truck loads of earth are bound our way. Although trucks for this construction will be via Saltgrounds Rd and Skillings lane. Let's pray they keep the roads clean.
If they were going for the 'Real' Relief Road up to Melton then all the mucky trucks could have come down from there and not through Brough housing estates. Sadly there is still no sign of this being taken on board. Perhaps when all the developments are finished and we become jammed up with even more traffic.

Cllr Terry Gill

Update re: Mud on roads from Councillor Gill 14.11.20

 Moor Road mud and mess update reply to me from East Riding Head of Street Scene.

''Dear Councillor Gill
Thank you for your communications in relation to Moor Road in Brough about the mud. Like you we also received several complaints from the public and the Town Council. We have taken the following action:
ERYC officers visited site 11am 11 Nov 2020 but no further action had been taken by the developer from same officers Monday 9th visit so called Humberside Police. An officer attended and agreed and gave approval for ERYC to do Emergency closure on road - Police log number 182 for 11 Nov 2020.
ERYC processed emergency road closure and team delivered signs and cones to shut southern (development site) arm of roundabout at approx 13:20. CR Reynolds and Stoneledge staff had been advised at approx 11am to stop further truck stone and topsoil deliveries to site until Moor Road cleaned of all mud and made safe for travel by all highway users.
CR Reynolds agreed they would be washing their truck wheels before they exited the site with bowser and high powered hose and Stoneledge vehicles would continue to use the truck wheelwash.
Both were bringing larger grade stone to bring up the level of the site ramps to prevent tyres collecting dirt when exiting site. An extra road sweeper was on site at 13:20 cleaning Moor Road and C R Reynolds had hired a tanker to jet clean the road.
ERYC agreed to check condition of road when contractors advised it was clean to approve lifting of road closure. ''
There is still some fine debris remaining on pavements and the central pedestrian refuges. I have asked for this to be cleaned also.
Cllr. Terry Gill, East Riding.