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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Re Request fro pedestrian crossing Moor Rood/Ruskin Way Juncion - re near miss

Re Letter earlier in March 14th 2020.
Thank you for your correspondence, which was passed to Traffic and Parking in respect to the request :where you request a pedestrian crossing.
The council appreciates all communications from stakeholders and your correspondence has been placed on file and will be assigned to an Officer to review at a future date.
In respect to the current world pandemic and the guidance issued by the government, there is still an expectation that Councils make robust, evidence based decisions. Evidence gathered today or based on historic data, would not meet this criteria for decision making. Therefore the Council will review your correspondence when the future environment is established.
Traffic and Parking, and Civil Parking Enforcement departments are still operational and those Officers who can are working from home or are out in the Community supporting the Government’s objectives and enabling key workers and business sectors to safely fulfil their duties.

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