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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Just a quick update on the construction traffic going up and down Moor Road.

I have had many reports about trucks appearing to be going to fast and drivers starting work as early as 6:15am
I have been in communications with Horncastle’s the developers of Brough South calling for the trucks to slow down. Ideally 20mph and investigate why their contractors Stoneledge are starting so early.
Apparently, a serious virtual meeting was had last week between Horncastle’s and Stoneledge about these issues and it was again reiterated on Monday after I escalated more reports of truck speeds.
I have now been assured that all the drivers have been warned about their speed when travelling along Moor Road. The early starting should also be addressed. If they don’t adhere then the drivers, who are self-employed, risk the job being stopped and they will end up being at home and reduced income.
In the meantime, I have made up and placed some very unofficial signs on lampposts along Moor Road to act as a reminder to drivers.
Up to now my own observations have witnessed the trucks travelling much slower.
However, if anyone see things speeding up again or see any mud build up on the road please get in touch with me.
Also, I am concerned that while more people are out taking exercise because of the lockdown I have witnessed on several occasions people walking on the road over Moor Road bridge, as opposed to the using the pavement. Some walkers are listening to music on their headphones. This is not good safety especially with the extra construction traffic activity going on. So please take care out there.
Thank you.

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