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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Email correspondence regarding response letter from Highways England

To be read alongside the main reply letter

Email reply received 23.3.2020 from Highways in response to the March letter sent
to HE and ERYC.
‘’Dear Mr & Mrs Goode
Thank you for your enquiry of 14/03/2020 concerning a Freedom of Information
Request. The information you have requested is not data we hold, and answering
questions is a service available to the public on a regular basis. I believe your
previous FOI request from 2019 was dealt with jointly between Highways England
and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
Your request has been handled under normal business practices and not in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act/Environmental Information
I have written a formal response to your questions in the letter attached this email.
If you feel the information supplied is not sufficient or has not been answered within
the 15-day period, you may wish to complain. The complaints procedure is available
via our website at:
If you require a print copy, please phone the Information Line on 0300 123 5000; or
Yours sincerely XXXXX’’
Our email reply dated 24th March 2020
Many thanks XXXX for the letter and reply.
Just a couple of things I wanted to ask:
1. Can this response be shared in our campaign group as is?
2. Point 1. Kevin never received the email from Simon about the petition access. This is
a shame, however the password is with ERYC and can be and was able to be
accessed by ERYC in 2019.
3. Minutes of the stakeholder meetings. These stand as the only minutes/record of the
meeting as advised by our contacts in legal/previous experience.
4. Re Point 3. Re Fatality would have to occur - this was said in the meeting and you did
acknowledge this in the meeting to Kevin Goode witnessed by all Brough
5. Re Point 3 - traffic queues on the A63. You refer to no further issues since the
original contacts made. This is not actually the case: a number of posts and logs
on have been made. It has been less so since the lights have
been adjusted but it still happens at peak times and of course will only get worse
with more houses.
Kind Regards Amanda & Kevin Goode
Highways reply to the above: Received 22/04/20
With regards to your points below:
1. I’m happy for the attached letter to be shared with your group. Personal
information has been redacted in the attached version as per the Data
Protection Act (I’ve not redacted yours or Mr Goode’s details as it’s obviously
your own decision as to if you want to share those).
2. Noted.
3. I reiterate the fact that that neither Highways England nor East Riding of
Yorkshire Council accept these as an accurate representation of the meeting
and do not agree that these can be classed as the minutes.
4. The potential safety schemes referenced in the attached letter are evidence in
themselves that this is not the case.
5. Noted and passed to my colleague who deals with safety scheme
development at Highways England. However, as I explained at the meeting,
this data cannot be used by Highways England in the development of safety
schemes as we are obliged to use STATS19 data. The statistics that we use
relate to personal injury accidents on public roads, are reported to the police,
and are subsequently recorded using the STATS19 accident reporting form.
Many thanks XXXX

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