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Saturday, March 14, 2020

1. Freedom of information letter requested from ERYC regarding 2019 traffic survey data & 2. Objection to phase 4 development & 3. Support for the Moor Rd to Melton Relief Road

Good morning,

Here is a copy of the letter that was emailed to ERYC and Highways England today.
Please write submit your own letters ASAP.

"References: 20/00410/STREM, 19/00701/STREM, 19/00671/STPLF |

Dear ERYC and Highways England,
We write to you in regards the over development of Brough Town and the impact upon surrounding villages.
As you are aware we are two members out of 1,300 residents of the Brough Relief Road Campaign Group.  It goes without saying that our community have grave concerns about the traffic impact of these growing housing and business development upon Brough, Elloughton and Welton. Our concerns extend to that of the safety issues associated with queuing on to the A63 Brough/Welton exits during peak and non-peak times. 
1.We are deeply disappointed that our positive petition to halt development until road safety concerns received no formal acknowledgement by ERYC. The thorough data analysis that was carried out independently by Dr Kevin Goode was not taken seriously. The report (see attached) demonstrated major failings in the data analysis.  The stakeholder meeting in July 2019 was unproductive. We do hold the minutes from this meeting (see attached).
We hear from Cllr. Terry Gill that the more recent traffic survey data conducted in 2019 has not been released for independent data analysis/review.  We would therefore like to make a freedom of information request for details on the matters. 
2. Within the campaign group there is overwhelming support for the Moor Rd to Melton ‘’Relief’’ Road with hundreds of members seeing this as the only possible solution for the future of the Brough traffic conundrum.  I believe it was said by a Hunsley Councillor Walker at the Brough South Liaison meeting this month that there is no public support for such a relief road. I would like to voice my concerns about such misinformation. The community sees this idea as the ONLY real solution to the   traffic congestion issues. Please let this be documented. Let’s not forget this idea was presented on Look North as a major news item. 
Please accept this letter as our formal objection to phase 4 development plans, which in our opinion would prevent the Moor Rd to Melton Relief Road being a viable option. 
3.We also would like to ask for plans to address the A63 road safety concerns especially when the new roundabout works begin in December 2020. These issues have been comprehensively described in our letter dated 27.4.19 (see attached). 
We have made several suggestions that could be trialled and are disappointed to hear from Highways England that a fatality would have to occur before anything can ‘’be done’’. This is unacceptable.  What solutions can be sought to improve the safety at the A63 junction? Have ERYC lobbied Highways England about this?
4. I would also like to lodge a concern about the safety of pedestrians crossing Moor Rd to Ruskin way during the peak times associated with Hunsley Primary School. Myself and my two children have nearly been knocked down whilst crossing the road due to speeding cars coming back over the bridge coming from the Brough South development. I would like to formally ask for a pedestrian crossing now before further incidents occur. As the School grows and the estate increases in size crossing Moor Rd to Ruskin Way on the School Run will be fraught with difficulty.
I would be grateful if the previous letter dated 27.4.19, the data analysis report sent by email - Kevin Goode is available for public access on the ERYC planning portal in addition to this letter. Thank you. 
We look forward to receiving a comprehensive and positive response from your teams.

Yours sincerely 

Cc Cllr. Terry Gill
Elloughton cum Brough Town Council
Welton Parish Council 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Brough South Liaison Meeting March 2020

Update from Cllr. Terry Gill

Brough South Liaison Committee Meeting
This was attended by member of the public, representatives of Horncastle Group and East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning and Infrastructure Department, The Town Council and Ward Councillors including myself.
Points discussed and debated were:
Mud on the roads. Mr. Hodges from Horncastle confirmed, following all the complaints and exceptional wet weather, that all earthworks have been suspended pending improved weather conditions. When work restarts the wheel wash will be fully operational.
Hedgerows been ripped out that probably should have remained. The East Riding case officer said that he was in talks with the developer and could not comment further at this stage.
Phase 4 of the housing development plan. A formal Planning Application has been submitted to the Council for 225 houses on the area of land just South of the current Barratt site. This is the detailed plan, by Barratts a copy of which I submitted to this forum a couple of weeks ago. I asked why Phase 4 before Phases 2 & 3 and it was said that this probably won’t be built until after Phase 2/3 is underway as further land rising is required. Meanwhile Mr. Hodges said that Bellway are going to apply and build on Phase 2/3 before Barratts build on Phase 4.
I raised the question of extending the Bough Relief Road to Melton and expressed that building on Phase 4 could jeopardise any future plan to make a link road. This was, as at previous meetings, not supported by the developer nor Cllr. Walker of neighbouring South Hunsley Ward on the grounds that the area has already been granted Outline Planning Permission so it’s unlikely to be reversed. Also, Cllr. Walker mentioned there is not enough public support for the Melton Link, of which I said there was.
We have over 1700 hundred on this forum. And just to see if support still exists in the next few days I am hoping to set up an online YES/NO survey to confirm how much support there is of the idea.
The Short Brough Relief Road. This is the link from The South of Moor Road Bridge and Skillings Lane. Officers from EYRC Infrastructure updated us. The works which was scheduled to start last December and then this month has been delayed again owing to Natural England raising Ecology issues. However the drawings and road position plan is complete and ready to go through the formal Planning Process. Work is now going to start in June. A construction traffic plan is going to be discussed by Officers and I stressed that 18 ton eight wheel tippers should be prohibited from going over very narrow Saltgrounds Railway Bridge. Skillings Lane could well be an issue also.
Discussion also took place regarding Public Rights of Way, of which many have been diverted whilst construction is taking place. As part of this Mr. Hodges mentioned that there is an overall end plan for improving ecology, wildlife and greenery, as well as a natural lagoon habit as part of the whole development plan. Mr. Hodges also agreed to meeting with the school to provide some tree screening on the play area.
In the meantime, do let me know if you have any constructive comments. Also if you want to make any comments known on the 225 houses plan on Phase 4 then you can do so on the EYRC Planning Portal at:

Or write to EYRC Planning Dept County Hall, Beverley HU17 9ZT Quoting reference: 20/00410/STREM