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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Melton Link Road Update & update on current request for traffic volume stats

From Cllr. Terry Gill

Just an update on how things are re the Melton Link idea at the moment.
Firstly, I am still awaiting a copy of the areas latest traffic survey figures, which were carried out during the Summer, so the can be compared with ones done in 2010. I purged this again over a week ago and only received a reply last Thursday from one of the planning officers saying....
'I understand from the developer that the transport information has been issued to the Council's Highways design Team in order to assist in the development of the future road improvements and roundabout. However the developer is not able to make this information publically available as they have not yet had agreement from BAe to put this information into the public domain.'
Entirely what has BAe got to do with what would normally be public information I have no idea, so I am pursuing.
The meeting I had the week before last with four senior officers along with local Dale Ward Councillors and neighbouring South Hunsley Councillors, who cover Melton and North Ferriby.
As I called the meeting on behalf of the many residents who wish a Melton link be explored I lead in with….
In case the welcomed current plans to build the short relief road and the roundabout at the Brough A63 Junction may create even more traffic issues, especially once the 1000 houses plus retail and trade units are completed, should we not make a definite provision to make a link to Melton now before any future development takes place on Melton Business Park?
An hour discussion took place and the general consensus between the officers was that they wouldn’t be something they would want to ‘promote’ (a term used instead of get behind) right now.
In short they want to wait to see what happens with traffic after the short relief road and roundabout at the A63 junction is completed. They still advocate that funding it is very high and that more housing would be the only way to bring in 106 funding agreements from developers, as the Council would not be able to fund such a scheme on it;s own. And developing businesses don’t come under 106 agreements.
Of course the 106 funding for the 750 houses and Brough South Development has be already allocated for the short relief road and roundabout.
I mentioned that building houses on Phase 4 could scupper any plan for a road to start at the Brough end but they said that a road could be put on the South edge of this area if need be.
However, this is only verbal and I really want to push them to do a proper drawing and a plan on principle, of which would cost a little time and money. However, one of the South Hunsley Councillors said that she didn’t want the officers to spend money and time on doing that, as she and her colleague are still not in favour of a road going through to Melton.
They put to me that ‘aren’t you concerned that it will lead to the joining up of Melton with Brough'. I think it’s because the residents of Ferriby have fought long and hard over keeping a green space between Ferriby and Melton they think that the same will happen if we try to join up Melton and Brough South.
Whilst this may be a fair point, I am not sure the same condition applies as Brough South is a developing area.. It may be a case of surveying residents to find out if this is of concern them. So here is your chance to make some initial comments.
As for the other Dale Ward Councillors they also agree with the officers and therefore are not 100% in favour of a Melton Link.
Thank you. Your constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Cllr. Terry Gill (Independent)

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