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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Melton Link Progress Update from Cllr. Terry Gill

Melton Link Progress Update from Cllr. Terry Gill, East Riding Councillor for Dale Ward.
As previously reported. On 30th September I attended one of the Council’s Cluster Meetings.
This provided Councillors the opportunity to voice directly to the Council’s Chief Executive and Head of Planning and Economic Development about the main issues facing our Wards in the coming years, with a view to getting any major investments written into the East Riding Council’s Future Business Plan.
Of course, many things were put forward and discussed but none more important than our roads and
infrastructure here in Brough and the possibility of a Local Road Link (sometimes referred to as the real Brough Relief Road) to the Melton Interchange.
Since then I have been calling for a special meeting of Head Council Officer’s and other Ward Councillors in which everything will be debated from the viability to planning and the impact on the environment to funding. I now confirm this meeting will be on January 7th.
Of course, I will report back to the group shortly after the meeting.
In the meantime, I welcome any constructive comments, of which I could use to add strength to the case on your behalf.
Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or need catch up information, which may not have previously on this forum.
Your sincerely,
Tel: 07974 936670

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