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Monday, December 16, 2019

December 2019 Brough South Liaison Group meeting - Reports from resident Rosie Woodward

Went to the Brough South Liaison Committee meeting yesterday and have put my notes below for you to read. If you attended the meeting and can see any glaring errors please contact me and I will look to incorporate amendments. There are a few things residents need to be aware of regarding a new Aldi store, the Local Plan and a couple of actions, My personal thanks to the Liaison Committee for allowing myself and other residents the opportunity to ask questions.
Personal Notes of Liaison Committee Meeting 7 pm, 9th December 2019 Petuaria Centre, Brough.
Attendees: Martin Credland, Julie Abraham, Terry Gill, Ian Hodges, Richard Meredith, Claire Temple (Aldi Representative) 1 other believed to be a North Ferriby Parish Councillor. 7 Members of the Public.
Chair of Meeting, Ian Hodges, Official Minutes Richard Meredith.
No apologies for absence received.
No Maters Arising from Previous Minutes. No minutes where visible to members of the Public and appeared not to have been produced.
Developers Update.
Phase 3
Ian Hodges reported that Barratt Homes were onsite and were working with reserved matters. Phase 3 has still not been approved by ERYC this is believed to be due to Natural England concerned with habitat. There are minor changes being made to the alignment of the road which will be moved 1m North and it is hoped permission will be granted in January for work to start in Spring 2020.
Aldi Store
Claire Temple – Aldi reported that an application for a 1300 Sqm store had been submitted. The site would have 136 parking spaces. CT stated that 1000 leaflets would be distributed by Aldi for public consultation. ‘Bringing Everday Amazing to Brough South’. Martin Credland stated that 1000 leaflets were not thought to be sufficient for the area. CT maintained that 1000 leaflets was standard format. The store will create a mix of full time and part-time staff and Aldi would be looking to recruit locally but shall be bringing their Management team in initially to manage the store. If planning permission is granted it is hoped that this will be achieved by March 2020 and that the store can open in 2021. A member of the public asked about store opening times, which will be 8am – 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday. The store is approximately the size of the store In Cottingham. It is expected that the store will receive 1 or 2 deliveries a day and restrictions can be placed on Aldi by the council as to when these can occur i.e. missing school arriving/leaving times as the store entrance is opposite the Hunsley Primary School site. A member of the public expressed potential health and safety risks associated with the placement of the stores entrance.
It was confirmed by Ian Hodges, when asked by a member of the public, that the developer had been unable to secure a bus company to service public transport to the potential store or indeed the site as a whole as yet.
Nearby residents, deliveries and environmental health controls were all discussed briefly.
A member of the public asked what the catchment area for the store was. A reply was given by CT who stated that she did not know. IH suggested that there were existing stores in Goole, Hessle and Cottingham, therefore the anticipated catchment for this store would be from Brough to a half point to existing stores.
Public Right of Way
Ian Hodges stated that there was a temporary diversion on a Public Right of Way but that this was expected to be short lived.
Richard Meredith asked about the potential for pumps to fail around the site especially to the west of the development site. Ian Hodges stated that drainage for the development site was in the form of SUDS systems where water was collected and then discharged in measured amounts into the waterways. The waterways remain the responsibility of the Environment Agency. Pumps which do exist will remain under the same control as prior to development.
A member of the public stated that Ings Beck was no longer flowing on one side. Work has been undertaken to clear some of the drain (near Dutch Imports) and work was being undertaken to clear the remaining part.
Footpaths/ Dirt on Road
A member of the public stated that they were unable to use the public footpaths which from use and inclement weather had become boggy. Terry Gill confirmed the footpaths are fenced and perhaps not wide enough to accommodate the volume of users.
A member of the public stated that there was no wheel wash in place which contravened the S106 requirement. Ian Hodges confirmed that a road sweeper should be present onsite every day. It was noted that this had not been seen to be the case. Richard Meredith stated that a complaint had been received from a member of the public near to Little Weighton who were also experiencing mud on the roads from the Stoneledge HGV’s on their way to and from the site in Brough. Terry Gill said a member of the public had contacted him and claimed they had never seen a road sweeper near the site.
ACTION IH to ensure wheel wash is placed onsite.
ERYC Planning Representative
Richard Meredith once again stated that no ERYC planning officer was present at the meeting.
ACTION RM to contact ERYC to organise for a Planning Officer to be present at the next meeting.
Railway Bridge
A member of the public asked whether the fencing at the Railway Bridge was thought to be adequate and if problems from trespassers was still a problem. Ian Hodges stated that Network Rail were not prepared to permit any further development for fencing. He also stated and Richard Meredith confirmed, that currently there are no reports for trespassers on the bridge but that perhaps this was seasonal and that trespassers could well return in the future.
Ian Hodges stated that the roundabout had been commissioned as part of the development near to the A63/traffic lights in the field south of Welton Low Road. ERYC are to bring the project forward. Final plans will need to be drawn up and work commenced. No timescales were given. As part of this discussion a member of the public asked about the development of the rest of that site. It was confirmed that it had been identified for development in the last local plan.
Local Plan
Julie Abraham confirmed that the Local Plan was constantly being updated and that latest guidelines currently required for 900 houses to be built per annum and not 1400. It is believed that the plan will be for public consultation in September 2020 for the plan to be updated in 2022.
House Building/Public Open Space
Ian Hodges stated that approximately 25 houses were occupied on the new development. The adopting of roads will not be done until the development is near to, or fully complete. Whilst roads will be adopted by the council the public open spaces will not. A levy is applied to the house, payable annually to a management company to provide maintenance to the site. Martin Credland stated that in effect people were paying twice. IH stated that residents could be invited onto the committee and that they could have a say as to what was placed, if anything on the space.
A63 and Road to Melton
Terry Gill stated he had been asked by some residents to enquire about a road to Melton. There are no plans for this road to be built. Julie Abraham stated survey work has been undertaken on the A63 and results compared to the original assessments undertaken 2011/12. Ian Hodges stated that there was no significant change. Members of the public were surprised at these findings.
The next meeting is arranged for 9th March 2020. 7pm at the Petuaria Centre.

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