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Monday, December 16, 2019

December 2019 - Brough South Liaison Meeting - Reports from Cllr. Terry Gill

Report/update from the Brough Liaison Committee Meeting held 9th Dec 2019 at 7pm at the Petuaria Centre. By Cllr Terry Gill
Initial big news was Aldi are putting in an application for a new store on the designated site, which is almost opposite the new Hunsley Primary School. See photos.
I understand planning is hoped by March, but store will not be completed until early 2021.
This will be nearer to the completion of Brough Relief Road (Skillings Lane to Moor Road Bridge).
It was said by Aldi's agent at the meeting that the store would create 40 local part & full time jobs.
Also, the developers informed me that they will then be promoting other retail/leisure opportunities although in practice retailers/leisure operators will likely wish to wait for the opening of the Aldi store before making a commitment.
What do you think? Is Aldi a store you would welcome? What other retailers do you think would be best to have in Brough?
The Council’s infrastructure team are delivering Phase 3 of Brough Relief Road. However, my understanding is that works will be starting in late March 2020 to mitigate impact on wintering birds which occupy the area to the south of the road.
The Council are also to deliver the A63 junction/roundabout and other ‘off site’ highway works. Currently they are collating technical information to undertake the detailed designs and once this has been completed, they will prepare a programme. It is hoped the work will start on site in the summer/autumn of 2020.
The traffic survey, which were carried out over the Summer months, as part of the planning condition of the whole Brough South Development, were handed over the Council recently. However, Mr. Hodges indicated that the figures showed these to be almost identical to the figures collected in 2010/2012.
It is difficult to believe after all the additional housing building that has arrived since then that the traffic figures haven’t increased. I have asked for a copy of the actual figures so an accurate comparison can be made and analysed by Kevin Goode.
I brought up the subject of the Melton Road Link. Although not a subject for this meeting it didn’t raise any encouraging comments form people last night. I am still pursuing this with other Council channels, and I have a meeting soon with certain Council Directors and Officers soon. What are your thoughts? Do let me know?

Other issues discussed where:
The poor state of mud and dirt along Moor Road especially from the bridge to the A63 junction caused by tipper lorries running to and from the site.
There is supposed to be daily cleansing by a mechanical road sweeper but reports of anyone seeing this is patchy. Despite 2 previous calls from me to the Council over the past 2 months, in which clean up took place Mr Hodges of Horncastle’s will be investigating this in more detail.
The poor state of the Public Rights of Way and access across the site. This is being looked into further by East Riding Officer after intervention by myself.
There were previous residents’ reports that water flows along Ings Lane drain we non-existent. However, we were assured by Mr. Hodges this had been improved upon within the last 3 weeks.
I trust all is reasonably self-explanatory. I you would like more detailed information or have questions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cllr. Terry Gill
Tel: 01482 666924

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