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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

BBC Radio Humberside - Burnsy requests follow up of the campaign

For those of you who missed this morning's broadcast here it is with timings below. Thanks to all who participated. No new news from Hodges. Good to have the problems on air again. We won't go away! What we need to do is keep the pressure on is the traffic calming measures pre-roundabout works! AND the real need for the Brough - Melton Relief Road - Cllr. Terry Gill will keep us posted...
Street resident male 13:45
Street resident female 14:08
Ian Hodges MD Horncastle 15:40 - 23:34
Ian Hodges 33:48 - 42:50
Kevin Goode 48:44 - 51:02
Terry Gill 51:18 - 53:34
Tweet 55:07 - 56:
Comments from:
Andy Fowler Humber/Hull Environment Forum - great!
Danny Thompson
Brian Davies - brilliant comments!!
Follow up text Kevin Goode - petition numbers, traffic impact model assessment...1:50:31
Wayne again 2:30:19
Thanks to all 👏

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