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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday 28th September - Further comments from Cllr Gill in response to questions asked about what is considered the ''real'' Brough Relief Road Moor Rd to Melton Interchange. Thanks Terry.

Apologies for not mentioning the Melton Interchange link from Brough South (The real Relief Road) in my report. However, as Amanda has commented the update meeting this week was about things that the authorities feel they can realistically action or allocate in a relatively short time.
Please be assured though The Real Brough Relief Road is top of my and the Groups agenda and is still being campaigned on. There are however a number of major hurdles, we are told, to consider.
One is that the piece of land where the relief road would need to go through was granted outline planning permission for houses a number of years ago. This piece of land is Phase 4 of the overall plan to build (approx. 200 houses per phase) the 750 houses previously reported on. The objective here is to campaign for the Phase 4 land not to be built on.
Two is obviously cost. Whilst I feel this is surmountable there will be undoubtedly be a downside for the Council allocating the £millions need for the road and another bridge back over the railway and that is even more development. One plus though, of which I brought up in the Council/Highways/Horncastles meeting in July is that they must consider the road link if the Melton Station Parkway is to be or we could end up motorists driving from Brough out onto the A63 and back in at Melton to get to the new station, which is ridiculous.
A third issue if the Relief road goes to Melton is, as the more industrial part of that end builds up then so does traffic adding to such as Transwaste tippers, we could end up with more traffic coming through to the residential Brough end and through onto Saltgrounds Road via the Short relief road (Skillings Lane to Moor Road Bridge) as a short cut Westwards, of which residents in that area are already concerned about.
So whilst the Melton link appears the obvious solution when you look deeper you can see why a lot of considerations needs to be taken into account.
As always you feed-back is valuable so keep the comments coming.
Cllr. Terry Gill

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