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Friday, September 27, 2019

Meeting Summary from Councillor Terry Gill. Thanks Terry.

Report on the A63 and other traffic issues update meeting by Cllr. Terry Gill, Independent, held on Wednesday 25th Sept at County Hall, Beverley.

Following a meeting I attended with the other Ward Councillors, EYRC Highways Department and Highways England I report herewith:
East Riding Highways and Highways England representatives have for some time thought the Welton/Brough interchange is not the required standard and are currently working behind the scenes on several options.

These may include:
Advanced warning and/or queuing signs on the A63
Improved signage off the A63
Clearing more vegetation prior to the junction

Feasibility studies are currently going on, but I understand that Highways England’s 5-year budgets are coming to an end soon and they are lining up the cost of A63 improvements for the next period. So, we can’t expect anything to happen this year but at least we on the radar.

These are in addition to larger scale plan to construct a roundabout to the South of the junction that should cure a multitude of traffic issues. And of course, this need to be in place before much more houses are completed on the Brough South Development.

It was previously revealed by Horncastle’s, the developers of Brough South, that they had obtained special funding from Homes England so they could bring the construction of the roundabout forward and they are now saying completion is expected by end of next year, which is good news.

More short-term, the Council have been optimising the Traffic Lights at the Welton/Brough junction over the Summer with priority given to clearing the A63 West Bound.

This could result in backing up on Welton Road when heading North out of Brough at peak times but at least they are trying to reduce the high-risk potential collisions on the A63. So, a little patience here is required for now but at least you will know that someone is less likely to be involved in an accident on the West Bound Exit.
In the meantime, please still report any dangerous queuing off the A63 on this forum or directly to me, so we can keep the Council Officers up to date. I imagine the traffic light tweaking will have its limits so we must continue to keep the Council informed.

It has been noted that without the public support and campaigning by Amanda & Kevin Goode and myself through my election newsletter in May, it is apparent these issues would have slipped off the priority list. So, let’s all keep making a noise to get the improvements we need to meet the demands of in our vastly expanding community.

Other items:

Brough Crossroads is also on the Council’s radar. Further optimisation of the traffic lights was discussed, and they will be looking into adding improved motion technology that will automatically detect which road has more queuing than another and will switch the priorities.

Brough Station Parking Issues. The practice of some car owners leaving their cars for sometimes weeks on some residential streets in Brough, instead of using the station car park has been going on far too long. This issue is also on the Council radar and is getting closer to being actioned.

Horncastle’s had previously pencilled in a transport interchange when they submitted outline plans some years ago. Times have changed and the usage of buses to this site area, since the reduction in employees at Bae has rendered this idea no longer viable. Therefore, the Council is looking to use this land as an additional car park for station users. The big issue is parking charges at the station and whether this car park be free or will have more competitive charging has yet to be decided.

However, the creation of parking permits and schemes or restrictions in Brough is frankly low on the Councils priority list at present due to a long ‘to do’ list across the County. People have asked for their particular street to be looked at. However, the Council say that the policy is to have wider restriction view across a number of streets, so the problem doesn’t shift elsewhere. Also, over 60% of the residents surveyed have to agree to a type of permit or parking restriction, so it’s not quite so simple as it seem.

If you have any view or comments on anything in my report, please do contact me.

Kindest Regards,

Cllr. Terry Gill.
Independent for Dale Ward
East Riding of Yorkshire Council


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