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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brough South Liaison Meeting 9th September

Good evening everyone, the Brough South Liaison Meeting went ahead last night. There was one other resident present but unrelated to our road safety concerns.
  1. 1. Update on traffic calming measures on the A63- no news apart from there is a meeting about this (non public) on 25th September to which our local ward councillors are invited to.
  2. The proposed roundabout at the main Brough lights at the A63 plans have recently being measured out (recently witnessed by many). This development in light of voiced problems has been brought forward and should commence Summer 2020. Of course it has been stressed several times that for this work to happen we need traffic calming measures in place BEFORE work starts (concerns reiterated by Cllr. Meredith). There is also, as we were aware, a second traffic counting exercise taking place within the next week. This is to ascertain whether the roundabout will meet the traffic demands of the South Brough development. It is up to ERYC to use this data for all future developments. This was not discussed at this meeting.
  3. 2. Recent query raised about the additional houses proposed near to the planned roundabout. The housing plans for this was in an original 'Local Plan' but no planning applications have been made for this (so get your individual objections in writing ready). The full local plan update apparently will be available for public view next year.
  4. 3. We need to provide evidence of traffic queuing linked to names/email addresses of residents. We are looking into adapting the traffic incident reporting tool as to whether with a GPDR disclosure we can go forward taking names. Names count more than anon data. Frustrating I know. We still have very good data that highlights the problem. Direct letters/emails can be used and sent to Councillors Gill and Meredith and local Town Councillor Sue Duckles. This provides leverage for negotiation.
  5. 4. The link road from Skillings Lane to Moor Rd - work to commence this late Autumn as planned and already agreed. This is non changeable.
  6. No news about Moor Rd to Melton Interchange ''relief' road suggestions. This meeting was not about this.
  7. 5. Our campaign group has certainly instigated action and review. This was highlighted and reinforced by the Chair Cllr. Meredith. It was previously NOT appreciated that there IS so much concern for the problems with over developing Brough and the knock on effects to the local villages. Without the campaign and petition ALL THIS would not be happening and being discussed. So thank you for ALL your support and great contributions.

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