Report a hazardous queuing incident

Monday, July 22, 2019

Petition Submitted Today

Ahead of the meeting planned with ERYC and Highways England on Wednesday we have submitted our petition to Stephen Hunt (Head of Planning & Development Management, East Riding of Yorkshire Council) and Anthony Firth (Head of Planning and Development, Yorkshire and the NE Region, Highways England).
In total we managed to get just over 1900 signatures (combining the online and paper petitions) - thank you to all who signed, manned petition stands and delivered leaflets in the local area.
We will feedback on the outcomes of the meeting as soon as we are able. Hopefully, with some good news.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Week after Look North bulletin - area sees a string of accidents

In the week after the campaign made it on Look North the area suffers a string of accidents.

On Monday (16:24 01/07/2019) a 2-3 car shunt occurred on the approach to the Brough exit slip road (Water Ln) heading west-bound on the A63. Two ambulances were called out. This is the very area we have the greatest concern about and we are in the quiet traffic season. Collision resulted in considerable traffic queues including on the east-bound slip road onto Welton Road which resulted in a number of near misses on the A63.

On Wednesday (16:15 03/07/2019) a lorry travelling at speed pulled in on a car just past the South Cave exit heading east bound. Hull Daily Mail

Today (Friday am 05/07/2019) two cars were involved in a shunt on the approach to the South Cave exit heading westbound on the A63.Hull Daily Mail

This whole area is simply too congested and needs traffic calming measures as an urgent priority. We will be adding this to the growing evidence we will present later this month. Start taking note ERYC and Highways England. 

ERYC you are creating this problem by failing to accept that house building and poor road infrastructure are adding to traffic dangers in the are. You have failed to model the true impact of all the housing/mixed developments in Brough and South Cave. 

ERYC planning officers have lied in front of me in a planning committee meeting when asked by a counsellor if the impact/benefit of the proposed Brough relief road from Moor Rd to Skillings Lane had been modelled. The answer was "no" but you fudged the answer.

Highways England you have acknowledged that the junctions at Brough and South Cave would not meet current minimum standards and yet you have failed to oppose the further development of this area until road safety issues on the A63 are addressed.

You will both be found negligent when someone dies as a consequence of these planning oversight failures. The community is watching and waiting for you to act.