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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Update 4th June 2019

We have learnt that Cllr. Gill has had a meeting with Brough South developers Horncastle’s and they have informed him that traffic monitoring, which is being funded by them as part of the 106 agreement, legal conditions that have to be carried out for developing the land, is to now take place in June (Horncastle did not do the counting last week). The results of this will hopefully help confirm to the experts that a proposed roundabout at the A63 junction will be more than adequate to cope with the traffic increases from the forthcoming 750 or more new homes.
The traffic monitoring will be carried out in June and will involve collecting data from 5 locations:
1 -Welton Road/Skillings Lane/Elloughton Road signal controlled junction
2 - Welton Road/Myrtle Way/Moor Road roundabout junction
3 - Welton Road/Water Lane/Welton Low Road staggered signal controlled junction
4 - Water Lane/Stanley Jackson Way priority junction
5 - Welton Road/Cowgate priority junction
Cllr. Gill is going to ask the Council and the developers to explore the benefits of building the roundabout before the Skillings Lane - Moor Rd ''relief'' road, in the light of the current A63 safety issues.

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