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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Objection and obfuscation

On Thursday 20th June we presented our objections to the short Brough relief road (the one due to run from Skillings Lane to Moor Road under Phase 3 of the Brough South development) at the ERYC Planning Committee. We objected on the grounds that there has been no research done to determine what benefit this section of road will deliver once the mixed development at South Brough has been completed.

Residents around Skillings Lane and Saltgrounds Road are understandably concerned that any west bound traffic along the proposed relief road may cause a bottleneck at the narrow rail bridge near Brough Haven and contribute to additional traffic along Skillings Lane; adding to congestion in the centre of Brough at the traffic lights.

We argued that approval of the current smaller relief road should be suspended until a full review of options had been made (including a relief road running from Moor Rd to Melton Interchange) using more up to date traffic monitoring data. Our concerns were completely ignored by the Committee because unfortunately there was a previous legal decision made, prior to our campaign, for it to go ahead. 

One Councillor did ask for clarification from the planning officers as to whether any modelling of the impact of the proposed relief road from Skillings Lane to Moor Road had been conducted as part of the outline application. Despite there being no such modelling, the planning officer who answered the question fudged the answer saying that a full traffic monitoring assessment had been conducted and the outline application had been approved in full.  The answer should have been “no” or “I don’t know”.

Our main concern is that road safety will be compromised by the overall South Brough development and we will continue to keep an eye out for any forthcoming detailed plans. Work starts on the Skillings La/Moor Road link in December.

In the meantime, we have heard that the A63 junction roundabout plan could be brought forward due to a loan from Housing England; although this would still be 2 years away. The original requirement was to complete it before the 450th house in the South Brough development becomes occupied, which could potentially be 6 years away, if indeed ever. This is better news but as many will know we need work to start sooner, or we could still see 250 houses occupied, generating up to 500 cars a day on our junction.

Also we are still keeping up our campaign to get a proper Brough relief road link to the Melton Interchange. Updates as soon as we get them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Update 4th June 2019

We have learnt that Cllr. Gill has had a meeting with Brough South developers Horncastle’s and they have informed him that traffic monitoring, which is being funded by them as part of the 106 agreement, legal conditions that have to be carried out for developing the land, is to now take place in June (Horncastle did not do the counting last week). The results of this will hopefully help confirm to the experts that a proposed roundabout at the A63 junction will be more than adequate to cope with the traffic increases from the forthcoming 750 or more new homes.
The traffic monitoring will be carried out in June and will involve collecting data from 5 locations:
1 -Welton Road/Skillings Lane/Elloughton Road signal controlled junction
2 - Welton Road/Myrtle Way/Moor Road roundabout junction
3 - Welton Road/Water Lane/Welton Low Road staggered signal controlled junction
4 - Water Lane/Stanley Jackson Way priority junction
5 - Welton Road/Cowgate priority junction
Cllr. Gill is going to ask the Council and the developers to explore the benefits of building the roundabout before the Skillings Lane - Moor Rd ''relief'' road, in the light of the current A63 safety issues.