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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Radio Humberside Interview with Burnsy

Today (07/05/2019) ourselves, Sophie Holmes (crash victim in 2017) and Terry Gill (recently elected local councillor) were interviewed by Caroline Brocklebank (roving reporter) and David Burns (Burnsy) on Radio Humberside about our campaign. 

If you missed it you can catch it here

00:15:00 Terry's preamble at Welton Junction with Caroline
00:25:03 Main piece starts
00:25:38 Amanda's interview with Caroline
00:27:44 Sophie's interview with Caroline
00:29:16 Kevin's interview with Caroline
00:43:00 Terry's interview with Burnsy
01:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Terry
01:44:00 Burnsy mentions website
02:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Amanda
02:05:00 Burnsy mentions petition - yay!
02:16:00 Caroline talks live to two residents in Brough
02:44:00 Adam Fowler Humber Environment Forum
03:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Kevin
Lots of texts coming in throughout from people.
Great stuff!!

Sorry to Terry for our 22m old daughters cameo performance over his interview piece. 😀

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