Report a hazardous queuing incident

Monday, April 29, 2019


The ERYC have allowed development of approximately 1000 new homes in Brough and Welton without an approved relief road or imminent signs of improvements to the A63-Welton junction. These new homes represent an approximate population increase of >3,000 (>17%) with the consequent increase in traffic.

Congestion during peak travel times already causes delays exiting and entering Brough, Elloughton and Welton at the A63-Welton junction. More importantly, queues often extend onto the A63. In the absence of any traffic calming measures on the A63 this represents a danger to residents, especially during poor weather or dark evenings. As the new houses are occupied commuting delays will get much worse and the risk to drivers will become unacceptable. It will only be a matter of time before someone is fatally injured at this junction.

We believe ERYC and Highways England have not fully grasped the seriousness of this situation and demand an immediate halt to current housing developments until such time as ERYC and Highways England;

  • Hold open public consultation with residents of Brough, Elloughton and Welton. 
  • Initiate a re-assessment of the relief road running from South Brough to Melton Interchange as the preferred option; with full public consultation. 
  • Introduce urgent traffic calming measures on the A63 near the A63-Welton junction including; (a) Illuminated variable speed limits during peak traffic hours; (b) Automatically, illuminated signs warning of queuing traffic 
  • Initiate a full review of the proposed improvements to the A63-Welton junction and the relief road from Moor Road to Skillings Lane; demonstrating to what extent they expect to alleviate congestion and whether this is based on current traffic volumes or predicted volumes after completion of the developments.