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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Melton Link Progress Update from Cllr. Terry Gill

Melton Link Progress Update from Cllr. Terry Gill, East Riding Councillor for Dale Ward.
As previously reported. On 30th September I attended one of the Council’s Cluster Meetings.
This provided Councillors the opportunity to voice directly to the Council’s Chief Executive and Head of Planning and Economic Development about the main issues facing our Wards in the coming years, with a view to getting any major investments written into the East Riding Council’s Future Business Plan.
Of course, many things were put forward and discussed but none more important than our roads and
infrastructure here in Brough and the possibility of a Local Road Link (sometimes referred to as the real Brough Relief Road) to the Melton Interchange.
Since then I have been calling for a special meeting of Head Council Officer’s and other Ward Councillors in which everything will be debated from the viability to planning and the impact on the environment to funding. I now confirm this meeting will be on January 7th.
Of course, I will report back to the group shortly after the meeting.
In the meantime, I welcome any constructive comments, of which I could use to add strength to the case on your behalf.
Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or need catch up information, which may not have previously on this forum.
Your sincerely,
Tel: 07974 936670

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Support volunteers - additional leaders required!

Good morning all,

We need more help running this campaign with Cllr Gill, please email us on the blog email or message us through the Facebook Group. This campaign needs your help - we need to share the load. Many thanks

Monday, December 16, 2019

December 2019 Brough South Liaison Group meeting - Reports from resident Rosie Woodward

Went to the Brough South Liaison Committee meeting yesterday and have put my notes below for you to read. If you attended the meeting and can see any glaring errors please contact me and I will look to incorporate amendments. There are a few things residents need to be aware of regarding a new Aldi store, the Local Plan and a couple of actions, My personal thanks to the Liaison Committee for allowing myself and other residents the opportunity to ask questions.
Personal Notes of Liaison Committee Meeting 7 pm, 9th December 2019 Petuaria Centre, Brough.
Attendees: Martin Credland, Julie Abraham, Terry Gill, Ian Hodges, Richard Meredith, Claire Temple (Aldi Representative) 1 other believed to be a North Ferriby Parish Councillor. 7 Members of the Public.
Chair of Meeting, Ian Hodges, Official Minutes Richard Meredith.
No apologies for absence received.
No Maters Arising from Previous Minutes. No minutes where visible to members of the Public and appeared not to have been produced.
Developers Update.
Phase 3
Ian Hodges reported that Barratt Homes were onsite and were working with reserved matters. Phase 3 has still not been approved by ERYC this is believed to be due to Natural England concerned with habitat. There are minor changes being made to the alignment of the road which will be moved 1m North and it is hoped permission will be granted in January for work to start in Spring 2020.
Aldi Store
Claire Temple – Aldi reported that an application for a 1300 Sqm store had been submitted. The site would have 136 parking spaces. CT stated that 1000 leaflets would be distributed by Aldi for public consultation. ‘Bringing Everday Amazing to Brough South’. Martin Credland stated that 1000 leaflets were not thought to be sufficient for the area. CT maintained that 1000 leaflets was standard format. The store will create a mix of full time and part-time staff and Aldi would be looking to recruit locally but shall be bringing their Management team in initially to manage the store. If planning permission is granted it is hoped that this will be achieved by March 2020 and that the store can open in 2021. A member of the public asked about store opening times, which will be 8am – 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday. The store is approximately the size of the store In Cottingham. It is expected that the store will receive 1 or 2 deliveries a day and restrictions can be placed on Aldi by the council as to when these can occur i.e. missing school arriving/leaving times as the store entrance is opposite the Hunsley Primary School site. A member of the public expressed potential health and safety risks associated with the placement of the stores entrance.
It was confirmed by Ian Hodges, when asked by a member of the public, that the developer had been unable to secure a bus company to service public transport to the potential store or indeed the site as a whole as yet.
Nearby residents, deliveries and environmental health controls were all discussed briefly.
A member of the public asked what the catchment area for the store was. A reply was given by CT who stated that she did not know. IH suggested that there were existing stores in Goole, Hessle and Cottingham, therefore the anticipated catchment for this store would be from Brough to a half point to existing stores.
Public Right of Way
Ian Hodges stated that there was a temporary diversion on a Public Right of Way but that this was expected to be short lived.
Richard Meredith asked about the potential for pumps to fail around the site especially to the west of the development site. Ian Hodges stated that drainage for the development site was in the form of SUDS systems where water was collected and then discharged in measured amounts into the waterways. The waterways remain the responsibility of the Environment Agency. Pumps which do exist will remain under the same control as prior to development.
A member of the public stated that Ings Beck was no longer flowing on one side. Work has been undertaken to clear some of the drain (near Dutch Imports) and work was being undertaken to clear the remaining part.
Footpaths/ Dirt on Road
A member of the public stated that they were unable to use the public footpaths which from use and inclement weather had become boggy. Terry Gill confirmed the footpaths are fenced and perhaps not wide enough to accommodate the volume of users.
A member of the public stated that there was no wheel wash in place which contravened the S106 requirement. Ian Hodges confirmed that a road sweeper should be present onsite every day. It was noted that this had not been seen to be the case. Richard Meredith stated that a complaint had been received from a member of the public near to Little Weighton who were also experiencing mud on the roads from the Stoneledge HGV’s on their way to and from the site in Brough. Terry Gill said a member of the public had contacted him and claimed they had never seen a road sweeper near the site.
ACTION IH to ensure wheel wash is placed onsite.
ERYC Planning Representative
Richard Meredith once again stated that no ERYC planning officer was present at the meeting.
ACTION RM to contact ERYC to organise for a Planning Officer to be present at the next meeting.
Railway Bridge
A member of the public asked whether the fencing at the Railway Bridge was thought to be adequate and if problems from trespassers was still a problem. Ian Hodges stated that Network Rail were not prepared to permit any further development for fencing. He also stated and Richard Meredith confirmed, that currently there are no reports for trespassers on the bridge but that perhaps this was seasonal and that trespassers could well return in the future.
Ian Hodges stated that the roundabout had been commissioned as part of the development near to the A63/traffic lights in the field south of Welton Low Road. ERYC are to bring the project forward. Final plans will need to be drawn up and work commenced. No timescales were given. As part of this discussion a member of the public asked about the development of the rest of that site. It was confirmed that it had been identified for development in the last local plan.
Local Plan
Julie Abraham confirmed that the Local Plan was constantly being updated and that latest guidelines currently required for 900 houses to be built per annum and not 1400. It is believed that the plan will be for public consultation in September 2020 for the plan to be updated in 2022.
House Building/Public Open Space
Ian Hodges stated that approximately 25 houses were occupied on the new development. The adopting of roads will not be done until the development is near to, or fully complete. Whilst roads will be adopted by the council the public open spaces will not. A levy is applied to the house, payable annually to a management company to provide maintenance to the site. Martin Credland stated that in effect people were paying twice. IH stated that residents could be invited onto the committee and that they could have a say as to what was placed, if anything on the space.
A63 and Road to Melton
Terry Gill stated he had been asked by some residents to enquire about a road to Melton. There are no plans for this road to be built. Julie Abraham stated survey work has been undertaken on the A63 and results compared to the original assessments undertaken 2011/12. Ian Hodges stated that there was no significant change. Members of the public were surprised at these findings.
The next meeting is arranged for 9th March 2020. 7pm at the Petuaria Centre.

December 2019 - Brough South Liaison Meeting - Reports from Cllr. Terry Gill

Report/update from the Brough Liaison Committee Meeting held 9th Dec 2019 at 7pm at the Petuaria Centre. By Cllr Terry Gill
Initial big news was Aldi are putting in an application for a new store on the designated site, which is almost opposite the new Hunsley Primary School. See photos.
I understand planning is hoped by March, but store will not be completed until early 2021.
This will be nearer to the completion of Brough Relief Road (Skillings Lane to Moor Road Bridge).
It was said by Aldi's agent at the meeting that the store would create 40 local part & full time jobs.
Also, the developers informed me that they will then be promoting other retail/leisure opportunities although in practice retailers/leisure operators will likely wish to wait for the opening of the Aldi store before making a commitment.
What do you think? Is Aldi a store you would welcome? What other retailers do you think would be best to have in Brough?
The Council’s infrastructure team are delivering Phase 3 of Brough Relief Road. However, my understanding is that works will be starting in late March 2020 to mitigate impact on wintering birds which occupy the area to the south of the road.
The Council are also to deliver the A63 junction/roundabout and other ‘off site’ highway works. Currently they are collating technical information to undertake the detailed designs and once this has been completed, they will prepare a programme. It is hoped the work will start on site in the summer/autumn of 2020.
The traffic survey, which were carried out over the Summer months, as part of the planning condition of the whole Brough South Development, were handed over the Council recently. However, Mr. Hodges indicated that the figures showed these to be almost identical to the figures collected in 2010/2012.
It is difficult to believe after all the additional housing building that has arrived since then that the traffic figures haven’t increased. I have asked for a copy of the actual figures so an accurate comparison can be made and analysed by Kevin Goode.
I brought up the subject of the Melton Road Link. Although not a subject for this meeting it didn’t raise any encouraging comments form people last night. I am still pursuing this with other Council channels, and I have a meeting soon with certain Council Directors and Officers soon. What are your thoughts? Do let me know?

Other issues discussed where:
The poor state of mud and dirt along Moor Road especially from the bridge to the A63 junction caused by tipper lorries running to and from the site.
There is supposed to be daily cleansing by a mechanical road sweeper but reports of anyone seeing this is patchy. Despite 2 previous calls from me to the Council over the past 2 months, in which clean up took place Mr Hodges of Horncastle’s will be investigating this in more detail.
The poor state of the Public Rights of Way and access across the site. This is being looked into further by East Riding Officer after intervention by myself.
There were previous residents’ reports that water flows along Ings Lane drain we non-existent. However, we were assured by Mr. Hodges this had been improved upon within the last 3 weeks.
I trust all is reasonably self-explanatory. I you would like more detailed information or have questions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cllr. Terry Gill
Tel: 01482 666924

Minutes of the bigger meeting in the summer with all stakeholders 24.7.19

These minutes were prepared by the campaigner's Mrs and Mr Goode, ERYC recently have refused to acknowledge or comment on them. These serve as the only minutes of this meeting and will be uploaded on the useful links section in due course.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Meeting confirmed

Terry Gill has arranged a community meeting on Monday 4th November at 7pm at The Petuaria Centre Brough.
1. A63 traffic calming measures pre major roundabout works.
2.Demanding remodelling of the projected traffic volumes with up to date traffic survey data.
3. Further planning applications for housing around the area - the need to object on mass.
4. And the road most of us would like to see in place ....a relief road running from Moor rd to the Melton Interchange.
Please confirm your attendance 👍

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Meeting planning - gauging interest

Good evening everyone,
Following on from conversations last week and request for a meeting with Cllr. Terry Gill (Independent) Dale ward to discuss our next steps for the campaign.
We would like approximately a dozen members to attend a round table meeting at the Petuaria Centre, Brough one evening in the near future.
Please could you comment below if you would like to attend a meeting. If enough interest we can arrange date.
Items for discussion:
1. A63 traffic calming measures pre major roundabout works
2.Demanding remodelling of the projected traffic volumes with up-to-date traffic survey data
3. Further planning applications for housing in and around the area - the need to object on mass
4. And the road most of us would like to see in place....a relief road running from Moor Rd over the railway bridge to the Melton Interchange.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Please Get Writing!

We need to start filling the decision makers and influencers mailbags. We need to be a constantly reminding them they have got the planning in this area completely wrong and are making the A63 a death trap. Please ensure you identify your local ward and parish/town and write to them only as they are your representatives. Then cc in the ERYC planning and transport directors and Highways England. Write your own concerns but it would be good to mention the need for traffic calming on the A63 from South Cave to Melton. Highlight that the safety of the A63 is being compromised because of over development in the surrounding area. Ask for speed to be reduced to 50 mph and mention that a relief road from Brough to Melton is needed to prevent the Welton/A63 junction from saturating. For other ideas refer to our petition and my report.
People to write to (I can't give some e-mails due to GDPR; those I have are public domain or I have provided link to their details). Terry Gill (Dale Ward Cllr - Independent) (click here) Richard Meredith (Dale Ward Cllr - Conservative) (click here) Julie Abraham (South Hunsley Ward Cllr - Conservative) (click here) Vanessa Walker (South Hunsley Ward Cllr - Conservative) (click here) Welton Parish Council (click here) Elloughton-cum-Brough Town Council (click here) Stephen Hunt (Head of Planning and Development Management) East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA
Paul Abbott (Head of Housing, Transportation and Public Protection) East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA
Highways England High­ways Eng­land National Traf­fic Oper­a­tions Cen­tre 3 Ridge­way Quin­ton Busi­ness Park Birm­ing­ham B32 1AF
David Davis (MP) House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

BBC Radio Humberside - Burnsy requests follow up of the campaign

For those of you who missed this morning's broadcast here it is with timings below. Thanks to all who participated. No new news from Hodges. Good to have the problems on air again. We won't go away! What we need to do is keep the pressure on is the traffic calming measures pre-roundabout works! AND the real need for the Brough - Melton Relief Road - Cllr. Terry Gill will keep us posted...
Street resident male 13:45
Street resident female 14:08
Ian Hodges MD Horncastle 15:40 - 23:34
Ian Hodges 33:48 - 42:50
Kevin Goode 48:44 - 51:02
Terry Gill 51:18 - 53:34
Tweet 55:07 - 56:
Comments from:
Andy Fowler Humber/Hull Environment Forum - great!
Danny Thompson
Brian Davies - brilliant comments!!
Follow up text Kevin Goode - petition numbers, traffic impact model assessment...1:50:31
Wayne again 2:30:19
Thanks to all 👏

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday 28th September - Further comments from Cllr Gill in response to questions asked about what is considered the ''real'' Brough Relief Road Moor Rd to Melton Interchange. Thanks Terry.

Apologies for not mentioning the Melton Interchange link from Brough South (The real Relief Road) in my report. However, as Amanda has commented the update meeting this week was about things that the authorities feel they can realistically action or allocate in a relatively short time.
Please be assured though The Real Brough Relief Road is top of my and the Groups agenda and is still being campaigned on. There are however a number of major hurdles, we are told, to consider.
One is that the piece of land where the relief road would need to go through was granted outline planning permission for houses a number of years ago. This piece of land is Phase 4 of the overall plan to build (approx. 200 houses per phase) the 750 houses previously reported on. The objective here is to campaign for the Phase 4 land not to be built on.
Two is obviously cost. Whilst I feel this is surmountable there will be undoubtedly be a downside for the Council allocating the £millions need for the road and another bridge back over the railway and that is even more development. One plus though, of which I brought up in the Council/Highways/Horncastles meeting in July is that they must consider the road link if the Melton Station Parkway is to be or we could end up motorists driving from Brough out onto the A63 and back in at Melton to get to the new station, which is ridiculous.
A third issue if the Relief road goes to Melton is, as the more industrial part of that end builds up then so does traffic adding to such as Transwaste tippers, we could end up with more traffic coming through to the residential Brough end and through onto Saltgrounds Road via the Short relief road (Skillings Lane to Moor Road Bridge) as a short cut Westwards, of which residents in that area are already concerned about.
So whilst the Melton link appears the obvious solution when you look deeper you can see why a lot of considerations needs to be taken into account.
As always you feed-back is valuable so keep the comments coming.
Cllr. Terry Gill

Friday, September 27, 2019

Meeting Summary from Councillor Terry Gill. Thanks Terry.

Report on the A63 and other traffic issues update meeting by Cllr. Terry Gill, Independent, held on Wednesday 25th Sept at County Hall, Beverley.

Following a meeting I attended with the other Ward Councillors, EYRC Highways Department and Highways England I report herewith:
East Riding Highways and Highways England representatives have for some time thought the Welton/Brough interchange is not the required standard and are currently working behind the scenes on several options.

These may include:
Advanced warning and/or queuing signs on the A63
Improved signage off the A63
Clearing more vegetation prior to the junction

Feasibility studies are currently going on, but I understand that Highways England’s 5-year budgets are coming to an end soon and they are lining up the cost of A63 improvements for the next period. So, we can’t expect anything to happen this year but at least we on the radar.

These are in addition to larger scale plan to construct a roundabout to the South of the junction that should cure a multitude of traffic issues. And of course, this need to be in place before much more houses are completed on the Brough South Development.

It was previously revealed by Horncastle’s, the developers of Brough South, that they had obtained special funding from Homes England so they could bring the construction of the roundabout forward and they are now saying completion is expected by end of next year, which is good news.

More short-term, the Council have been optimising the Traffic Lights at the Welton/Brough junction over the Summer with priority given to clearing the A63 West Bound.

This could result in backing up on Welton Road when heading North out of Brough at peak times but at least they are trying to reduce the high-risk potential collisions on the A63. So, a little patience here is required for now but at least you will know that someone is less likely to be involved in an accident on the West Bound Exit.
In the meantime, please still report any dangerous queuing off the A63 on this forum or directly to me, so we can keep the Council Officers up to date. I imagine the traffic light tweaking will have its limits so we must continue to keep the Council informed.

It has been noted that without the public support and campaigning by Amanda & Kevin Goode and myself through my election newsletter in May, it is apparent these issues would have slipped off the priority list. So, let’s all keep making a noise to get the improvements we need to meet the demands of in our vastly expanding community.

Other items:

Brough Crossroads is also on the Council’s radar. Further optimisation of the traffic lights was discussed, and they will be looking into adding improved motion technology that will automatically detect which road has more queuing than another and will switch the priorities.

Brough Station Parking Issues. The practice of some car owners leaving their cars for sometimes weeks on some residential streets in Brough, instead of using the station car park has been going on far too long. This issue is also on the Council radar and is getting closer to being actioned.

Horncastle’s had previously pencilled in a transport interchange when they submitted outline plans some years ago. Times have changed and the usage of buses to this site area, since the reduction in employees at Bae has rendered this idea no longer viable. Therefore, the Council is looking to use this land as an additional car park for station users. The big issue is parking charges at the station and whether this car park be free or will have more competitive charging has yet to be decided.

However, the creation of parking permits and schemes or restrictions in Brough is frankly low on the Councils priority list at present due to a long ‘to do’ list across the County. People have asked for their particular street to be looked at. However, the Council say that the policy is to have wider restriction view across a number of streets, so the problem doesn’t shift elsewhere. Also, over 60% of the residents surveyed have to agree to a type of permit or parking restriction, so it’s not quite so simple as it seem.

If you have any view or comments on anything in my report, please do contact me.

Kindest Regards,

Cllr. Terry Gill.
Independent for Dale Ward
East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brough South Liaison Meeting 9th September

Good evening everyone, the Brough South Liaison Meeting went ahead last night. There was one other resident present but unrelated to our road safety concerns.
  1. 1. Update on traffic calming measures on the A63- no news apart from there is a meeting about this (non public) on 25th September to which our local ward councillors are invited to.
  2. The proposed roundabout at the main Brough lights at the A63 plans have recently being measured out (recently witnessed by many). This development in light of voiced problems has been brought forward and should commence Summer 2020. Of course it has been stressed several times that for this work to happen we need traffic calming measures in place BEFORE work starts (concerns reiterated by Cllr. Meredith). There is also, as we were aware, a second traffic counting exercise taking place within the next week. This is to ascertain whether the roundabout will meet the traffic demands of the South Brough development. It is up to ERYC to use this data for all future developments. This was not discussed at this meeting.
  3. 2. Recent query raised about the additional houses proposed near to the planned roundabout. The housing plans for this was in an original 'Local Plan' but no planning applications have been made for this (so get your individual objections in writing ready). The full local plan update apparently will be available for public view next year.
  4. 3. We need to provide evidence of traffic queuing linked to names/email addresses of residents. We are looking into adapting the traffic incident reporting tool as to whether with a GPDR disclosure we can go forward taking names. Names count more than anon data. Frustrating I know. We still have very good data that highlights the problem. Direct letters/emails can be used and sent to Councillors Gill and Meredith and local Town Councillor Sue Duckles. This provides leverage for negotiation.
  5. 4. The link road from Skillings Lane to Moor Rd - work to commence this late Autumn as planned and already agreed. This is non changeable.
  6. No news about Moor Rd to Melton Interchange ''relief' road suggestions. This meeting was not about this.
  7. 5. Our campaign group has certainly instigated action and review. This was highlighted and reinforced by the Chair Cllr. Meredith. It was previously NOT appreciated that there IS so much concern for the problems with over developing Brough and the knock on effects to the local villages. Without the campaign and petition ALL THIS would not be happening and being discussed. So thank you for ALL your support and great contributions.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Petition Submitted Today

Ahead of the meeting planned with ERYC and Highways England on Wednesday we have submitted our petition to Stephen Hunt (Head of Planning & Development Management, East Riding of Yorkshire Council) and Anthony Firth (Head of Planning and Development, Yorkshire and the NE Region, Highways England).
In total we managed to get just over 1900 signatures (combining the online and paper petitions) - thank you to all who signed, manned petition stands and delivered leaflets in the local area.
We will feedback on the outcomes of the meeting as soon as we are able. Hopefully, with some good news.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Week after Look North bulletin - area sees a string of accidents

In the week after the campaign made it on Look North the area suffers a string of accidents.

On Monday (16:24 01/07/2019) a 2-3 car shunt occurred on the approach to the Brough exit slip road (Water Ln) heading west-bound on the A63. Two ambulances were called out. This is the very area we have the greatest concern about and we are in the quiet traffic season. Collision resulted in considerable traffic queues including on the east-bound slip road onto Welton Road which resulted in a number of near misses on the A63.

On Wednesday (16:15 03/07/2019) a lorry travelling at speed pulled in on a car just past the South Cave exit heading east bound. Hull Daily Mail

Today (Friday am 05/07/2019) two cars were involved in a shunt on the approach to the South Cave exit heading westbound on the A63.Hull Daily Mail

This whole area is simply too congested and needs traffic calming measures as an urgent priority. We will be adding this to the growing evidence we will present later this month. Start taking note ERYC and Highways England. 

ERYC you are creating this problem by failing to accept that house building and poor road infrastructure are adding to traffic dangers in the are. You have failed to model the true impact of all the housing/mixed developments in Brough and South Cave. 

ERYC planning officers have lied in front of me in a planning committee meeting when asked by a counsellor if the impact/benefit of the proposed Brough relief road from Moor Rd to Skillings Lane had been modelled. The answer was "no" but you fudged the answer.

Highways England you have acknowledged that the junctions at Brough and South Cave would not meet current minimum standards and yet you have failed to oppose the further development of this area until road safety issues on the A63 are addressed.

You will both be found negligent when someone dies as a consequence of these planning oversight failures. The community is watching and waiting for you to act.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Objection and obfuscation

On Thursday 20th June we presented our objections to the short Brough relief road (the one due to run from Skillings Lane to Moor Road under Phase 3 of the Brough South development) at the ERYC Planning Committee. We objected on the grounds that there has been no research done to determine what benefit this section of road will deliver once the mixed development at South Brough has been completed.

Residents around Skillings Lane and Saltgrounds Road are understandably concerned that any west bound traffic along the proposed relief road may cause a bottleneck at the narrow rail bridge near Brough Haven and contribute to additional traffic along Skillings Lane; adding to congestion in the centre of Brough at the traffic lights.

We argued that approval of the current smaller relief road should be suspended until a full review of options had been made (including a relief road running from Moor Rd to Melton Interchange) using more up to date traffic monitoring data. Our concerns were completely ignored by the Committee because unfortunately there was a previous legal decision made, prior to our campaign, for it to go ahead. 

One Councillor did ask for clarification from the planning officers as to whether any modelling of the impact of the proposed relief road from Skillings Lane to Moor Road had been conducted as part of the outline application. Despite there being no such modelling, the planning officer who answered the question fudged the answer saying that a full traffic monitoring assessment had been conducted and the outline application had been approved in full.  The answer should have been “no” or “I don’t know”.

Our main concern is that road safety will be compromised by the overall South Brough development and we will continue to keep an eye out for any forthcoming detailed plans. Work starts on the Skillings La/Moor Road link in December.

In the meantime, we have heard that the A63 junction roundabout plan could be brought forward due to a loan from Housing England; although this would still be 2 years away. The original requirement was to complete it before the 450th house in the South Brough development becomes occupied, which could potentially be 6 years away, if indeed ever. This is better news but as many will know we need work to start sooner, or we could still see 250 houses occupied, generating up to 500 cars a day on our junction.

Also we are still keeping up our campaign to get a proper Brough relief road link to the Melton Interchange. Updates as soon as we get them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Update 4th June 2019

We have learnt that Cllr. Gill has had a meeting with Brough South developers Horncastle’s and they have informed him that traffic monitoring, which is being funded by them as part of the 106 agreement, legal conditions that have to be carried out for developing the land, is to now take place in June (Horncastle did not do the counting last week). The results of this will hopefully help confirm to the experts that a proposed roundabout at the A63 junction will be more than adequate to cope with the traffic increases from the forthcoming 750 or more new homes.
The traffic monitoring will be carried out in June and will involve collecting data from 5 locations:
1 -Welton Road/Skillings Lane/Elloughton Road signal controlled junction
2 - Welton Road/Myrtle Way/Moor Road roundabout junction
3 - Welton Road/Water Lane/Welton Low Road staggered signal controlled junction
4 - Water Lane/Stanley Jackson Way priority junction
5 - Welton Road/Cowgate priority junction
Cllr. Gill is going to ask the Council and the developers to explore the benefits of building the roundabout before the Skillings Lane - Moor Rd ''relief'' road, in the light of the current A63 safety issues.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Objections now raised with ERYC

Today we have filed our objections to further housing/commercial developments in Brough, Elloughton and Welton until a full road safety review and revised modelling of their impacts has been undertaken. 

Importantly our objection includes a critical analysis of the road congestion and safety of the A63/Welton interchange. Because you have been logging queuing incidents on it was possible to include a first analysis of the data collected so far - it tells a compelling story! 

You can download a copy of the report here

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Starting to Collect Signatures to Support Online Petition

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Campaign Crowd Funding

Hi everyone - thanks for all of your support and encouragement so far. We want to raise a little bit of money to help cover the costs of some banners we want to get printed. We hope to print about 6 at approx. £50 each. I've set up a PayPal pool.
Even just £1 from 300 of you will get us to our target.

I realise that not everyone has PayPal (it is very easy to set up). The other crowdfunding sites either didn't have PayPal as an option which I know many prefer as it is more secure OR they charged too higher fees for receiving payment.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Radio Humberside Interview with Burnsy

Today (07/05/2019) ourselves, Sophie Holmes (crash victim in 2017) and Terry Gill (recently elected local councillor) were interviewed by Caroline Brocklebank (roving reporter) and David Burns (Burnsy) on Radio Humberside about our campaign. 

If you missed it you can catch it here

00:15:00 Terry's preamble at Welton Junction with Caroline
00:25:03 Main piece starts
00:25:38 Amanda's interview with Caroline
00:27:44 Sophie's interview with Caroline
00:29:16 Kevin's interview with Caroline
00:43:00 Terry's interview with Burnsy
01:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Terry
01:44:00 Burnsy mentions website
02:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Amanda
02:05:00 Burnsy mentions petition - yay!
02:16:00 Caroline talks live to two residents in Brough
02:44:00 Adam Fowler Humber Environment Forum
03:01:00 News bulletin with quotes from Kevin
Lots of texts coming in throughout from people.
Great stuff!!

Sorry to Terry for our 22m old daughters cameo performance over his interview piece. 😀